Tap-n-See Zoo, a CVI app for Ipads.

We are proud to officially announce the release of our iPad and iPhone app specifically designed for kids with CVI! Both the lite and full versions of  Tap-n-See Zoo are available on iTunes. Here are the links:

Tap-n-See Zoo Lite (free)

Tap-n-See Zoo ($2.99)

In going through the process of designing this app, we have thought a lot about the apps that Little Bear likes and how we could improve upon them. Parents often want to know which apps are recommended for kids with CVI. We would love to know what you think of our app, any suggestions you have, and what apps your child particularly responds to. Once we have compiled some favorites, we plan to have an app page on LittleBearSees.com where we can share apps that work for kids with CVI. If you want to share, click here.

CVI App for iPad

Check out our iPad app specifically designed for children with CVI! Tap-n-See Now, only $2.99.


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    Thanks for this great resource. My young student with low vision is interested in this. I’d love to have the option to activate the images with voice, what do you think? I look forward to seeing more apps from Little Bear Sees!

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