Little Bear Gives Application

Our current project, Little Bear Gives, focuses on providing CVI iPad packages to families in need.

The focus of Little Bear Gives will be to provide CVI iPad packages to families in need who have children with CVI. A family at any income level may be considered for this project. The term “family in need” applies to any family who may not be able to afford an iPad for a variety of reasons. We know that many children with CVI have complex medical or other needs that can be very expensive, making it difficult to find the money to invest in an iPad. We believe the iPad can be an amazingly powerful tool in the life of a child with CVI. iPads are uniquely suited to the needs of those with CVI because they are backlit, easy to interact with, and there is a huge variety of apps available to suit the particular needs and preferences of each child.

If you have already applied, and qualified for our iPad grant package in a previous round, please click here to be considered again.

  • I. Information about parent or legal guardian

  • II. Annual household income

    Our goal is to provide iPads to families who cannot afford them. Please indicate below your annual household income (select one):
  • Please explain any financial circumstances or hardships you feel we should take into consideration:
  • III. Demographic information about parent or legal guardian

    The following questions allow us to collect demographic information which helps us apply for grants. The information collected will not be used to determine if you will receive an iPad.
  • IV. Information about the child

  • V. CVI characteristics

    Which of the following CVI characteristics does your child display?
  • You may have noticed that your child seems to prefer looking at a certain color. Bright red and yellow are often favorite colors, but some children prefer other bright colors such as blue, green, or pink.
  • Many children with CVI require movement in order to see an object. For example, it may be easier for them to look at a pinwheel or a swaying balloon.
  • Children with CVI need simplicity. They may prefer simple one or two colored objects presented against a black background.
  • Often, children with CVI will stare at light. They may be seen gazing out the window or up at a ceiling light. They may also appear as if looking at things that are not there, or looking at things without intent.
  • Most children with CVI will prefer to look at objects in a particular direction. For example, they may see an object better when it is presented in their periphery, or may turn their head to see an object.
  • Some children with CVI have trouble seeing far away. This is related to the preference for visual simplicity. Objects far away may be lost in visual clutter.
  • When an object comes too close to the eyes, or touches the bridge of the nose, many CVI children have an absent or delayed protective blink response.
  • Because it is difficult for CVI children to process the information that the eyes see, they often prefer familiar objects that the brain easily recognizes and has processed before.
  • The ability to look at an object while reaching for it is impaired. Often CVI children will look away from the object and then reach for it.
  • Please describe them here:
  • VI. Personal Statement

  • Please tell us, in your own words, why you feel an iPad would be beneficial for your child. In particular, how do you think the iPad will help your child’s vision to improve? This should be approximately 2-4 paragraphs.
  • VII. Terms and signature

    Once submitted, all applications will be reviewed by the Little Bear Gives committee and all selection decisions will be solely at their discretion.
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