Little Bear Gives Application

Our current project, Little Bear Gives, focuses on providing CVI iPad packages to families in need.

The focus of Little Bear Gives will be to provide CVI iPad packages to families in need who have children with CVI. A family at any income level may be considered for this project. The term “family in need” applies to any family who may not be able to afford an iPad for a variety of reasons. We know that many children with CVI have complex medical or other needs that can be very expensive, making it difficult to find the money to invest in an iPad. We believe the iPad can be an amazingly powerful tool in the life of a child with CVI. iPads are uniquely suited to the needs of those with CVI because they are backlit, easy to interact with, and there is a huge variety of apps available to suit the particular needs and preferences of each child.

The current application cycle closed on April 30, 2014. We are no longer accepting applications. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive news about our next cycle.