The Importance of iPads for Children with CVI and How to Get One for Free!

We believe strongly in the power of the iPad to help those with cortical visual impairment (CVI) and we are certainly not alone! In fact, Dr. Muriel Saunders at the University of Kansas, has recently conducted research on just what an incredible tool the iPad can be in helping children with CVI. According to an article posted by the California Deaf-Blind Services, the benefits of the iPad for children with CVI include:

  • brightly lit background/screen
  • bright colors
  • unlimited forms and pictures
  • interactivity
  • software that responds to the child’s actions. (I’m in control; I have an impact.)
  • the ability for the child to control starting and stopping
  • possibilities for children who do not have reach and grasp
  • portability due to its small size
  • sturdiness if in the right casing

You can find more information about Muriel Saunders and her research in the articles below:

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iPad research promising for children with cortical visual impairment

Blind Children Use iPads Successfully (article no longer available)

We know the iPad can be expensive, which is why we have created our Little Bear Gives project to give CVI iPad packages to families in need who have a child with CVI. Applying to our project is not the only way you might qualify for a free iPad, however. In fact, our friends at have recently written an excellent article called 5 Ways to Get a Free iPad for Your Special Needs Child! If you have any other ideas or suggestions on how to get an iPad, please let us know below, or share on our Facebook page!

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